BATAVICA is a patriotic clothing brand that represents the Western European identities. Themes from our rich and ancient past are incorporated into the designs of the garments. Because the love for our country and continent does not only consist of feeling, we guarantee that our clothing is 100% designed and produced in Europe. In times of an increasingly globalized world, we want to make a statement and show that 'local production' is the future and that pride in origin and identity can be reflected in style. Do you dare to be proud? Stand out from the crowd!


A short update from our side

It has been quiet around 'Batavica' for a while on social media, the orders and the answering of any questions have ofcourse continued. This year started a bit difficult for us, the Dutch mainstream media thought it was necessary to demonize us. Several newspapers have tried to smear our clothing brand and the people behind it. Of course, this does not prevent us from continuing with what we do!

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New hoodies!

Just in time for the winter! A stylish hoodie with a classic-looking design. A logo is embroidered on the front with the text 'Omnia Pro Patria' which can be translated to 'All For Our Country'. The four symbols in the logo form the basis for every patriot. The dumbbell for a strong body, the book for a learned mind, the life-rune for new life (the posterity) and the megaphone for activism.

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Fall Sale 15% OFF

Summer is over, the dark and cold times have come again. That's why we're giving a 15% discount on your entire order until December 1st! We have also reduced our 'Patriotic' sweatshirt considerably in price.

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