A short update from our side

Published on 19 August 2023 at 13:01

It has been quiet around 'Batavica' for a while on social media, the orders and the answering of any questions have ofcourse continued. This year started a bit difficult for us, the Dutch mainstream media thought it was necessary to demonize us. Several newspapers have tried to smear our clothing brand and the people behind it. Of course, this does not prevent us from continuing with what we do!

So six months ago we finalized the designs of two new polo shirts and put them into production. At the company responsible for this, things are not going as it should internally, so we still haven't received our clothing. These products were intended as our 'Summer Collection', but we still have no certainty whether they will arrive at all this summer. This is a major downer for us, we are a small company, we do everything as a hobby in addition to our normal jobs, we invested once from our own pocket and with the profit we have always produced new clothing. And because of this incident, we have to see if we have enough budget for the next collection.

However, we have also put a new t-shirt into production, we hope to have this edition in stock this month. To show that we are not sitting still, we hereby give a sneak preview. We assume that the shirts will be well received by the 'Diets-minded people' ;-).

Don't think that these obstacles demotivate us, we will continue no matter what. Next year we will come back stronger than ever! The main thing for us is to sell honest clothing that is 100% produced in Europe. Quality over quantity.